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Bread Baking Tools To Get Started

Bread Baking Tools

I am a huge fan of sourdough and that is what we predominantly bake in this household. This guide is designed for those who already have a sourdough starter but don’t fret if you don’t! There are plenty of places to order some dehydrated starter and you can activate it within a week’s span. And we would love for you to follow along bread baking with us in January, but you can utilize these recipes all year long! So there is no rush.

Remember, progress not perfection.

Tools Needed For Bread Baking

Sourdough Bread Baking Tools

The absolute necessities:

Really nice to have, but not required:

  • Bread Scoring Lame (Razor blade) — You can use a sharp knife instead
  • Bakers whisk
  • Mason jars — These and a plastic lid will make your life easier 
  • Plastic lids for mason jars 
  • Round Banneton Baskets with Covers — You can use a mixing bowl and a tea towel
  • Wooden Sourdough Spatula (Elongated and narrow, best for fitting into jars) 
  • Bread Knife — Excellent for those large sourdough slices

Common ingredients required in most recipes

References and resources

Although the tools look like a lot, you can collect them overtime and most are not very expensive. Before I had banneton baskets I used a mixing bowl. Before my wooden spatulas I used a fork. Use what you have and buy the absolute necessities like a digital scale (you can’t bake bread without one) and I recommend investing in a Dutch oven. If that is not feasible right now an enamel turkey roasting pan will do and they are available at Walmart for $17. 

I can’t wait to get started! And please feel free to email me any questions you have.


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2 Responses

  1. Woo hoo – I have almost everything already! I am cheating and trying foccaccia this weekend with the girlfriends…

    1. How did the focaccia go?? It’s a great one to start with! Super simple, always delicious, and less steps than traditional sourdough.

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